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The Church of the Assumption on an island in the middle of Lake Bled, Slovenia, is shrouded in mist as the sun risesA long exposure of the coast and St. Michael's Mount at sunset, Marazion, Cornwall. August 2014.All Saints' church, Putney CommonThe woods on Winterfold, Surrey, after a snow flurry. 11 February 2013Autumn leaves lie amidst the moss-covvered trees by the River Fowey near the Golitha Falls, Bodmin MoorChurch Rock, Pembrokeshire, April 2013A long-exposure view of Bambrugh Castle and beach, lit by the setting sun in summer. Northumberland, July 2014A long-exposure of the River Fowey flowing over bright-green moss-covered rocks at the Golitha Falls, on Bodmin Moor, Cornwall, England.Granite tors on Bodmin Moor, Cornwall, catch the setting autumn sun.The river Thames at Putney, at dawnAn abandoned stone farm building catches the late afternoon summer sunshine in a near near Ilam, Derbyshire, EnglandThe iron suspension bridge of Hammersmith Bridge in London at sunset, with the river Thames reflecting the clouds lit by the last of the sun's rays.An avenue of beech trees, dappled with late summer sunshine, stretches into the distance between the Kingston Lacy estate and Blandford in DorsetA dramatic winter sunset is reflected in the River Thames at Putney Bridge at dusk, viewed from the Fulham bank looking towards St. Mary's church and the Putney Wharf areaA sculler on the River Thames passes underneath the iron suspension bridge of Hammersmith Bridge, London, in the late afternoon sunshine.The Towanroath Shaft at Wheal Coates, on the cliff-tops near Chapel Porth, Cornwall, in the golden light of the late afternoon sunHong Kong Harbour, Day and NightRowers and support boat at sunset on a misty Thames, rowing past the old Harrod's Furniture Depository in BarnesA light mist lies over the river Thames at Putney, London, as the sun rises and lights up the trees on the Putney Embankment.